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NCNbio is a small company focused on the Industrial Tech Transfer in the field of biotechnology with the mission of moving research projects to industry.

September - October events

Dr Maria Luisa Nolli organizer and speaker

27 october 2017 - University of Salerno
At the Italian Chapter Workshop of Controlled Release Society (CRS) on “Macromolecules in Drug Delivery” Dr Maria Luisa Nolli was invited to give a talk on the revolution in medicine by Advanced Therapy medicinal Products.
20 october 2017 - Istituto Zooprofilattico Brescia
At the Gruppo Italiano Cellule Staminali Mesenchimali (GISM) annual Conference , Dr Maria Luisa Nolli was invited as representative of Assobiotec, to give a talk on the “Tech Transfer of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products: advances and challenges”
18 October - UNA Hotel Modena
At the International Seminar on “Risk assessment and analytical topics for food supply chain” organized by NEOTRON in collaboration with Ordine dei Chimici – Modena Dr Maria Luisa Nolli was invited to talk about the Risk Assessment During the Produciton of Biologicals/ Biosimilars.
4 october 2017 - Rome
Under the Italian Forum of Bioeconomy and Biotecnology (IFIB) 2017 Dr Maria Luisa Nolli was invited to the STARTUPONSTAGE event to give a presentation on her entrapreneur experience
25 settembre 2017 – Pavia
Dr Maria Luisa Nolli co-organized, under the patronage of AFI and University of Pavia, the workshop entitled
“From conventional drugs to bio-drugs: certainties and challenges for e new medicine”